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Curso Empresarial

EGBI’s Curso Empresarial is now available in two 4-week modules: Marketing & Sales and Finance & Business Administration. You can register for both or for the one that better fits your needs.  Topics are taught in Spanish by local subject matter experts who have years of experience dealing with start-up businesses.

Upon graduation from any of the two modules,  you will receive a free one-year membership to one of the minority chambers, you will have unlimited access to EGBI’s free consulting, and have access to special benefits from local community lenders who have partnered with EGBI to assist our graduates with their capital needs.

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Registration fee is $125 per module. If you register for both modules, you will only pay $100/each. Scholarships and income-based discounts available!

Classes will be held Monday and Thursday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at EGBI. Next Marketing & Sales Module begins on May 7th.

Curso Empresarial – Marketing & Sales Module

EGBI’s enhanced marketing module is designed to help you develop your marketing plan. The program consists of eight sessions, a review and a final session where you will present an overview of your business plan.

  • Personal Goals, Business Goals and The Importance of a Business Plan: Connect your personal goals with your business goals and learn how a business plan will help you reach them. You will develop a vision and mission for your business to ensure that it represents your passion, values and desires.
  • Understanding your Customer: Understand client demographics and your customer needs. Begin formulating your outreach efforts by understanding where your clients work, live and play.
  • Selling the Benefit: Work on practical exercises to begin understanding why your customer would want  your service or product and how to articulate this idea. Begin formulating your elevator pitch to attract customers.
  • Understanding your Competition: Understand how to compete in the market by studying your competition using tools such as
  • Pricing: Learn about different pricing methodologies and begin talking about break-­even analysis to learn if your business idea is sustainable.
  • Reach the Customer: Learn traditional marketing methods including: networking, business cards, flyers, newsletters, postcards and events.
  • Reaching the Customer through Social Media: Learn how easy social media can be and how it can help you attract new clientele. This session will give an overview of different social media avenues, including: websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Was Your Promotion Profitable: Learn how to analyze if your promotion was successful by tracking sales and customers.

Curso Empresarial – Business Financials, Accounting and Taxes Module

In this module, you will develop a budget and learn basic accounting to be able to make informed business decisions.

  • Personal Finances and Selecting a Business/ScopeLearn about the importance of organizing and developing your personal finances as will as obtaining an insight to personal credit. We will also help you to narrow their business ideas down in order to start your business.
  • Business OrganizationDiscusses the different types of business structures, focusing on Sole-proprietor, Partnerships and LLC’s. We will discuss the pros and cons of each as well as the financial cost and liability associated with each one of them.
  • Insurance and Your Plan Learn about the different insurance options available to small businesses. The importance of having business insurance and how not having it can negatively affect business. We will also discuss the importance of a business plan and why all businesses should have one.
  • BudgetingLearn how to develop a start-up budget and a monthly budget, and we’ll discuss cash flow.
  • Understanding Transactions Discusses the flow of money from buying inventory and equipment, obtaining loans to selling our products/services, to providing /obtaining terms to clients/vendors.
  • Accounting Learn the importance of developing and analyzing financial statements.
  • Taxes Focus on Income Tax, Sales Tax, Self-Employment Tax and Payroll Taxes.
  • Small Business Banking and Financing Learn about what to look for in a bank and what financing options are available to start up businesses.

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Economic Growth Business Incubator  in partnership with Las Comadres para las Americas, developed Curso Empresarial, a bilingual entrepreneurial training program for Spanish speaking individuals. Curso Empresarial has been available to the Latino community thanks to grants received from FuturoFund (2013) and  State Farm Insurance (2014).