How much do you charge?

For our training programs we charge $125/month. However, EGBI offers income based scholarships.

Our loan packaging services vary. We charge an initial fee of $200 then 5% of the loan amount.

Our consulting services are free. We love working to help small businesses grow.

Will I have a complete business plan when I finish the course?

It all depends on you. Each night you will be given homework that will help you to complete your business plan. At the end of the program, you will have an outline, or “mini plan” that will help you to complete your plan.

Do I need to take your class to start my business?

Absolutely not. Even if you don’t take our classes, we are more than willing to review your plan for you and provide input.

Is there a fee to just to talk to a counselor?

No there is not fee to talk to one of our counselors.

When are your classes?

Our business training classes meet on Mondays and Thursday from 6-8 pm

We have different workshop as well as our training program throughout the year. Visit our calendar to see our upcoming schedule.

Do I have to take both modules to complete the course?

No you do not have to take both modules to successfully complete our course. After each module clients are given the opportunity to do a 5-minute presentation on their business plan. This presentation includes descriptions of your idea, your target market, a budget, a marketing plan and an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.

In order to successfully complete our program you will need to present your business idea.

Will your class guarantee I get a business loan?

No our class will not guarantee you will get a business loan. However we do have partnerships with the alternative lenders in town who have special programs and pricing for our clients.