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EGBI is proud recipient of the FuturoFund Austin Grant

FuturoFund Austin awarded EGBI a grant to assist Spanish-speaking business owners achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations through the Curso Empresarial program, an extensive business training program in a bilingual format, focusing on leadership and business development.

FuturoFund Austin is a collective effort to engage our community through philanthropy and leadership. FuturoFund members make equal contributions to a charitable fund administered by the Austin Community Foundation. Members are engaged in an exciting grant-making process through which 100% of member contributions are granted to deserving nonprofit organizations making an impact in the Latino community.

FuturoFund Austin was established to provide a new way to leverage the tremendous talent and resources in our community to positively impact our future. With over 100 members, FuturoFund includes people of different backgrounds, philosophies, ages and occupations, but all united by a common commitment to make a difference in the Latino community through philanthropy and leadership. Through members’ participation in the grant process, FuturoFund will inspire and engage the next generation of leaders; mobilizing their passions, talents and resources to support innovative social change.