Maria Rosas Garcia
(512) 218-8522
Graduated: 6/26/2013
Before Maria Rosas took the big step to open her business, she previously had more than 40 years of experience working in the education field where she took multiple roles as an educator, administrator, and parent trainer. She also worked closely with both Austin ISD and Round Rock ISD (Independent School District) and was instrumental in maintaining their parent program across the district. Rosas was also the founder of the Parent Involvement Action Network that focuses on enabling professionals to gain resources and network opportunities with other Family Advocates throughout Region Xlll. She currently has being working as a consultant at Village Consulting Group where she uses her expertise on families and trains organizations and school districts across the state. Rosas has participated in multiple spiritual retreats and has shared her healing poetry and prayers.
When Rosas had a sincere conversation with a former co-worker, the inspiration to create Heart and Sole Scripts was brought up. She had an upcoming TV interview that made her very nervous, but knew that God was going to be on her side. In that same instance, Rosas had a promise written on her shoe that influenced her vision of blessing the person who wears her shoe. However, she experienced difficulty in obtaining the funds to make her vision a reality and managing her time. It has been tough for her to promote her business, but has gradually been doing so through free sample of her insole shoes.
Rosas mentions that her business is, “Dedicated to God as he is the one who inspired the idea in me.” Consequently, her business specializes in helping establish self-confidence through art-inspired apparel, accessories, and healing poetry. The products are handcrafted and produced with prayer and sent out with many blessings.
Rosas also mentions that she believes her business is unique because it is entrusted as a ministry that creates flip-flops also formerly known as faith flips. When Rosas worked with EGBI, she said that its commitment helped her preserver through many adversities with its “You can do it” attitude. That is when she realized that her small business idea had potential for huge success.