Brenda Carrera
(512) 733-5555
Graduated: 12/1/2007

Prior to Brenda Carrera opening her own beauty salon, she had formerly worked as a hairstylist for nearly 25 years. Because she had worked in the beauty industry for a long time, she also felt it was her time to open her own beauty salon. However, Carrera encountered many challenges in being able to deal with paperwork such as preparing taxes and quarterly sales. As she worked with the CPA, they had helped her generate important information and figure out a solution to her tax related obstacles.

Since Carrera’s business was a beauty salon, she began to specialize in hair color, perms, and executing a range of hairstyles from punk to classic and modern. Her salon’s welcoming and positive environment had also helped her business grow and allowed her customers to enjoy their service. When Carrera worked with EGBI, she had mentioned that EGBI helped her achieve her goals through its commitment to providing a one-on-one experience with looking into business plans and ways in which it can help its clients achieve their goals.