Alberto Jimenez
(512) 699-8388
Graduated: 11/15/2011

Before Alberto Jimenez accomplished his dreams of opening his photography business, he studied Geology and even made several trips New Mexico to study it more closely. “Geology helped shape both who I am as a photographer and helped develop my skills in photography,” says Jimenez. In many occasions, his dedication for photography led him to participate in many community events where he provided photography services at reasonable prices. As a result, he also made photography become a part-time job that he enjoyed almost as much as his full-time job as a geologist, but he still wanted to jumpstart his dreams of owning a business of his own.

That is why he decided to reach out to EGBI in the hopes of making his dreams a reality. As he worked with EGBI, he mentions that it helped him understand how to set up finances and understand important tax related information. Through Jimenez’s dedication with the Latino community and his commitment to providing high quality photos, he has successfully established his business. He also mentions that he enjoys photography because it catches valuable memories and brings joy to many families.