Donie Torrance
(512) 413-2809
Graduated: 8/18/2011

When Donnie Terrance opened her nail salon, she originally worked for another company. She decided to open her business because she was a single parent and she wanted to have more time available for her son. Despite that, she underwent many financial and emotional obstacles that made it very difficult for her to grow her business, especially when working with commercial leasing.

However, she was placed in a position where one of her clients dealt with contracts and was able to get help from her. Terrance’s business also started growing into a very unique nail salon because it began providing a very nurturing environment to other beauty professionals by giving them the knowledge needed to establish a successful beauty salon. Terrance also mentioned that EGBI helped her open her nail salon because of its commitment to giving her the education needed not only to open a successful business, but also to learn how to compete with other businesses.