Rogelio Venegas
(512) 541-0740
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Graduated: 4/3/2013

Prior to Rogelio Venegas Felicitas Garcia opening his business, he didn’t have much experience but did have big dreams of opening a business of his own. He had also experienced many challenges in setting up a price for his services, dealing with accounting, and the overall daunting process. However, EGBI became his main source of motivation, especially since EGBI was dedicated to helping him when he almost quit. As Garcia’s company began to grow, it focused on providing landscaping services in gardening, cutting down trees, planting bushes, etc. He also learned ways to negotiate and communicate with his clients in order to ensure that he met their needs. When Garcia worked with EGBI, he said that the fact that they served people who had the same drive as him, made it easier for him to become motivated and gain perseverance.