Jose Santana
5433 S. Congress, Austin, TX 78745
(512) 466-5455
Graduated: 8/4/2014

When Jose Santana decided to work with EGBI, he had already worked for the City of Austin for 20 years and he was also a military veteran. According to Santana, he always wanted to start a business because he wanted to be independent and have freedom. In fact, prior to opening Raspas Locas y Mas, he had a graphic design business. Unfortunately, his graphic design business did not succeed, which didn’t stop him from having big dreams of establishing a successful business of his own.

He also mentions that EGBI helped him through the rigorous and sometimes daunting process of opening a business by giving him some of the resources that he needed in order to be a successful entrepreneur. After several attempts of opening a business of his own, Santana’s business became self-sustained and no longer needed to work for anyone else. Through his newfound independence, Santana has been able to not only focus his business on traditional Mexican snow cones but he also has incorporated Salvadorian food items into his menu and he has gained a commitment to meeting his customers’ needs.