Daniela Ariza
(512) 785-1994
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Graduated: 4/3/2013

Before Daniela Ariza opened her business, she was originally from Mexico and temporarily attended medical school. However, since she experienced the difficulties of choosing a specialization, she decided it would be best for her to move to the United States. Consequently, Ariza worked as a server at a local restaurant where she also learned English and eventually realized her passion in the food industry.

Soon she began thinking about opening her own restaurant when an Argentine customer enjoyed her service and recommended her to do so, which at the time had never occurred to her. However, due to her inexperience in the business world, she encountered many obstacles that made it difficult for her to adjust. Fortunately, through the help of EGBI and her father-in-law, she gained a support system that guided her through the rigorous process.

As Ariza’s business began to grow, she began to focus in providing a healthier version of the traditional Mexican candy. During her time working with EGBI, she also learned a set of valuable skills in accounting, bookkeeping, and even social media that she initially didn’t have much knowledge in, but had helped her business become successful.