Raymond Vasquez
(512) 662-6187
Graduated: 7/18/2011

Before Raymond Vasquez opened his business, he was an insurance salesman, but did not succeed due to not having a specialty. During his time as an insurance salesman, he read Millionaire Mindset, which really allowed him to reshape his way of thinking. With his new way of thinking, he began a new job that allowed him to enjoy a new way of living.

However, he still encountered the challenge of successfully managing the money that he earned and carefully following a budget. Meanwhile, when he opened his business, he was able to gain a newfound freedom that gave him the opportunity to no longer work for anyone else. As he opened his business, he also realized the importance of asking the right set of questions when hiring employees so that he could make sure that they did their job correctly.

Likewise, his company’s dedication to making customer service the number one priority gradually made his business become one of the most well-known businesses in Austin. In fact, it is now ranked 8 as a master certified roofing company. When Vasquez worked with EGBI, he also mentioned that it, “taught me how to have a business plan and target areas so that I can focus on them along with the benefits of having CPA specialist and a legal team of lawyers. “ Above all, EGBI helped Vasquez learn ways in which he could follow a budget, the importance of a business a plan, and develop a set of skills that impacted him as an individual.