Luis Delgado
(512) 336-2970
Graduated/Incubated: 12/1/2009; 1/1/2010

Luis was invited to EBGI’s first class session, along with other 10 entrepreneurs. He had been in business for a few years but was interested in learning more about being a good business person. EGBI provided a space to ask questions, to learn about questions that are not usually asked and to collaborate with other professionals who have similar problems. Since graduating from EGBI, has grown to have six employees on payroll and has expanded business capabilities. The company has also earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2008. This is a great honor because less than 1% of Angie’s List companies receive this award every year!

In the beginning the focus was on micro and solo businesses who needed a “computer guy” to help them as things break. EGBI helped Luis plan and implement a different type of thinking which enabled the company to serve a wide range of clients in the following industries:

  • Financial Consultants – Money Managers, Insurance Agencies and Accounting firms.
  • Healthcare practitioners who MUST comply with HIPAA rules and regulations.
  • Private Schools with limited resources .
  • Churches (Catholic, Protestant and even from other world religions).

The training and ongoing support provided by EGBI is an important component of how the company will continue to serve the Austin community generate jobs through technology consulting.

EGBI has offered opportunities for personal growth as well. In 2016 Luis was honored to join the Board of Directors. This is a new area where Luis is excited to partner with EGBI and support the business community. EGBI is one of Austin’s best kept secrets and he looks forward to helping spread the word and continue watching EGBI grow in size and influence.

Luis can be reached at or

Luis Delgado and wife