Ñapegados Blog

“It is an honor to receive the 2015 Volunteer of the Year award, but mostly, it is an honor to be part of EGBI. Giving back to EGBI is the least I can do, as this organization has been instrumental in my journey as an entrepreneur. When I left Argentina, and came to the United States, I knew that I was arriving to the country of opportunities where organizations like EGBI support individuals like me. EGBI helps me achieve my dreams as business owner.

My heart is with EGBI because I also have a passion for helping others. In fact, with my business, Wester, I provide services to support other businesses that need help to get to the next level or that may need an extra hand but they are not ready to hire an employee. I also have a blog, Ñapegados.com. My focus is the Spanish-speaking community; There, I share information & resources always with one goal: To thrive in United State of America. I am very happy with both, Wester and Ñapegados.

But let me go back to EGBI. This organization is more than a series of training classes; Al, Barbra and Nayeli are always available to support us in this journey, even years after we graduate. I completed my program in 2012 and still to this date, I call them every time I need advice on the next step for my business. I try to attend as many workshops as possible, because I’m always looking for opportunities to improve, and EGBI has truly been a partner along the way.

Finally, I never hesitate to recommend others to sign up for one of EGBI classes, because I believe in the impact they have on small business owners like me. And tonight, I encourage you to write a check in support of EGBI so that others like me can continue to receive the high quality services that they provide. Every cent counts and EGBI counts on us. Thank-You!”