Victory Framing
Victor Duran
(512) 585 3167
Graduated: 12/4/2014


Alicia Figueroa and Victor Duran are owners of Victory Framing. They specialize in framing, cornice, trim, soffit, fascia, siding, decks, remodeling and custom windows installation.

They started their own business in 2014, just before Alicia took the EGBI class. Later in 2015, her husband Victor also graduated from the EGBI entrepreneurial program.

EGBI has helped them understand accounting, finances, marketing and business management.

“At EGBI, we acquired business knowledge and leadership skills. We can’t thank EGBI enough for everything you do for our community and for doing it with so much passion”.

Alicia and Victor attend workshops and classes regularly at EGBI to continue learning and growing their business. Alicia is an advocate for EGBI, constantly referring people from her network to us.

“I always tell people about EGBI, the work you do and how you help small businesses grow”.

Victory Framing has two contract workers and their goal is to expand their business and double their revenue in 2016.