Beginning March 1st, 2018

EGBI Training

Biz Gear Up: Drawing Board
Workshop your business idea to get the right focus for your ideal client.
Three 2 ½ hour workshops over 3 weeks
Includes 2 coaching sessions
Cost $75
Biz Gear Up: Blueprint
Develop a useful plan to open your business
Eight 2-hour classes; twice a week for 4 weeks
Includes 2 coaching sessions
Cost $150
Partial Scholarships Available
Biz Gear Up: Connectors
Learn the tools you need to implement your plan and
automate your business

Eight 2-hour classes; twice a week for 4 weeks
Includes 2 coaching sessions
Cost $150
Partial Scholarships Available
Partial scholarships available. Please ask.

EGBI Coaching

Meet one-on-one with a private coach to support your business goals.

Additional sessions are based on household income.
First sessionNo Charge
Less than $40,000 per year (less than $3300 per month)$20 per visit
$40,001 - $65,000 per year ($3300 - $5,400 per month)$40 per visit
$65,001 or more per year ($5400 or more per month)$65 per visit

Become an EGBI Member

Monthly Membership includes:

  • Up to 4 scheduled coaching sessions per month in person or by phone
  • Email and phone consultations available for questions in between coaching sessions
  • Discount on special workshops
  • Notification of special opportunities
  • Monthly Financial Management Review Workshop
  • 4 hours EGBI desk space per month; a quiet, professional place to work on your business (please schedule ahead)
  • Listed on EGBI client directory
BIZ Membership Fee: (minimum 3 months at a time) Based on household income.
Less than $40,000 per year (less than $3300 per month)$50 per month
$40,001 - $65,000 per year ($3300 - $5,400 per month)$65 per month
$65,001 or more per year ($5400 or more per month)$85 per month
EGBI Bookkeeping Service clients receive a 50% discount on EGBI Membership$25, $32, or $42 per month

EGBI Bookkeeping

EGBI clients now have a friendly, affordable bookkeeping service that will teach you how to manage the precious money you earn.

EGBI Bookkeeping service includes:

  • Set up and update Chart of Accounts
  • Enter and review expenses and deposits
  • Reconciliation of bank statements and point of sale software
  • Connect bookkeeping to a payroll service
  • 1-hour bookkeeping consultation per month by phone or in person
  • Monthly Financial Management Review Workshop
EGBI Bookkeeping Service fees$150 - $500 per month
Depending on type of business

Business and Business Plan consulting

Schedule an appointment with Joni Foster at for an initial consultation at no cost.  Depending on the complexity of the business and frequency, future consultations may be at no cost or low cost.

Loan Application Support

In 2011, EGBI launched a pilot program to offer Loan Packaging Services to assist first-time borrowers. EGBI assisted five start-up companies to obtain a total of $100,000 in loans via traditional and non-traditional avenues.

EGBI’s service includes financial education, business plan improvement, development of accurate financial projections, and preparation of loan requests for any lender in the Greater Austin area.

EGBI helps you identify if you could qualify for financial assistance from a traditional or a non-traditional lender. EGBI staff has expertise in financial lending and an extensive network within the various lending sources, including the five nonprofit microlenders that service Austin.

If you are interested in this service, please contact Joni Foster at

Client Testimonial

A hairstylist since 1990, Brenda Carrera graduated from EGBI’s Building Success Program in 2007 and began working on a business plan. Although she had to put her plans on hold, her entrepreneurial spirit did not allow her to give up on her dream. At the end of 2010, she was offered the opportunity of taking over the hair salon where she was working. In a time where small businesses have trouble getting financing, Ms. Carrera turned to EGBI for assistance. Through our loan packaging service, she received guidance on updating her business plan and financial projections. With a strong loan package, she was successfully approved by A+FCU for a term loan that allowed her to buy the business assets, remodel the location, and support her business operations for the first three months. Ms. Carrera’s own Hair Central Salon began operations in May 2011. She currently has five full-time employees and her annual revenue in 2011 exceeded $84,000.

 “…Thank you for the time you dedicated to enhancing my business plan and cost projections. I sincerely appreciate the key role you played in this process and I am extremely grateful for the service provided by EGBI…”

~ Brenda C., Hair Central Salon