Meet EGBI Client: Lucero Valle Archuleta

Lucero Valle is the passionate force behind Lucero Creative Business, a certified women- and minority-owned photography studio in Austin, Texas. Growing up in her family’s photography studio, she developed a lifelong love for capturing moments and telling stories through her lens. Lucero specializes in Commercial and Advertising Photography, Corporate Headshots, Product and Lifestyle Branding, and Personal Branding Photography, serving a diverse clientele that includes business owners, community leaders, influencers, corporations, and government agencies.

What was one of your most recent accomplishments that your business has achieved? 

One of Lucero Creative Business’s recent milestones has been expanding our service offerings to include personalized image and style consulting services. This new addition allows us to assist clients in translating their unique style, personality, and professional strengths into their business and personal image. By helping them align their visual identity with their brand values, we empower them to make a lasting impression in their respective fields.

How has EGBI helped your business grow?

EGBI has been an invaluable partner in my entrepreneurial journey with Lucero Creative Business over the past 12 years. Their dedicated business coaching and unwavering support have been instrumental in guiding me through crucial decisions, refining our business strategy, and fostering a strong network of peers and mentors. With EGBI’s help, we’ve not only grown our client base but also strengthened our operational efficiency, ensuring we deliver exceptional service with every project.

What were some obstacles that you had to face?

Running Lucero Creative Business as a single mom and entrepreneur has been a journey filled with challenges and moments of growth. Balancing the immediate demands of daily operations with the long-term vision for growth requires careful planning and perseverance.

One of the significant hurdles has been navigating financial constraints and learning the intricacies of accounting. Accessing funding and understanding financial management were daunting tasks initially. However, with determination and support from resources like EGBI, I’ve gained confidence in managing finances effectively to sustain and expand our services.

Marketing has also presented its share of challenges. Adapting to the ever-changing market needs and embracing new marketing strategies has been essential. It’s about staying agile, experimenting with innovative approaches, and staying connected with our clients’ evolving preferences.

What keeps me motivated is the opportunity to learn and grow through every obstacle. Being accountable to both the immediate tasks and the broader business goals has been crucial. As a single mom and entrepreneur, I’ve learned the importance of resilience and persistence, qualities that drive my passion for photography and helping clients express their unique stories through visual storytelling.

What kept you inspired to keep working on your business?

What inspires me to continually push forward with Lucero Creative Business is the profound impact our work has on our clients and the community. Every photograph we capture and every consulting session we conduct is an opportunity to empower individuals to authentically showcase their identity and expertise. Witnessing our clients’ transformation and success stories fuels my passion for photography and strategic consulting, motivating me to elevate our services and expand our community outreach efforts.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m a total creative enthusiast. I love diving into crafts and have even dabbled in jewelry making—a perfect blend of artistry and intricate design. Beyond that, I’m a bit of a tech geek too, rocking out as a website and graphic designer when I’m not behind the camera. Creativity fuels my soul, whether it’s through capturing moments with my lens or crafting visually stunning websites and designs that tell stories in their own right.

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La Incubadora Podcast: What is EGBI? 

EGBI is an organization that helps small businesses grow. Their mission is to eliminate barriers, and train and coach small business owners. They made it accessible to come in contact with EGBI to expand their business to its fullest potential.

What is 501 C3?

501 C3 means that the business has a non profit status. They are not part of the city, but work closely with the city.

What is EGBI’s mission? 

They train, coach, and support small businesses, and eliminate barriers so that the business owners that EGBI serves can run successful businesses.

What service does EGBI offer?

They offer training, help with planning, and management. Businesses that have been around for three or more years are offered a plan to get their business to the next level.

How long was EGBI around for?

EGBI has been around for 19 years.

Who are EGBI’s ideal clients?

They support many different types of businesses for example, hair salons, food trucks, restaurants, photographers, ect.

What is the process to work with EGBI?

The process to work with EGBI is simple. There are many ways to come in contact with EGBI.

If EGBI doesn’t charge, then how does EGBI make a profit?

EGBI doesn’t want money to be an issue for someone that wants to work with them, so for now they have a contract with the city of Austin to eliminate financial barriers one might have. 

How do I keep in touch with EGBI?

Anyone can sign up to the newsletter, and you can follow them on social media like Instagram, Facebook and youtube.

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