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In 2011, our founder Pilar Leoni fell ill with a terminal case of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.  A few years later, after waging a long battle with cancer, Pilar credits plants and vegetables for helping her beat all odds so she can still be with us smiling here today.

Pilar believes that plants have the power to heal us, strengthen us, calm us and improve our well-being in an incredible number of ways.  She has studied the art of using plants effectively from renowned masters such as Dr. Pallathadka Keshava Bhat among many other herbalists.

Pilar also holds a Masters in Spanish and has worked extensively with children and parents with special needs in underserved communities in Austin, Texas.    Aroma Secrets combines Pilar’s love for education, her commitment to bettering society and her passion for plants, all into one.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as Pilar enjoys making them.