By Mirna Wetter

Photography credit: Robert Silver

On Saturday, June 8th, the Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI) launched the Childcare Biz Bootcamp, an innovative program designed to revolutionize the childcare sector. As someone involved in supporting small businesses and a mom of two, witnessing the profound impact of accessible childcare firsthand in Austin, I’m excited to share how this program aims to transform the lives of both families and entrepreneurs.

Addressing the Childcare Crisis

The cost of childcare is soaring. According to a recent survey, enrolling a child in licensed daycare now costs an average of $16,692 annually. That’s about 25% of the average U.S. income, putting quality childcare out of reach for many families. This high cost has significant economic implications, as parents, particularly mothers, are often forced to reduce their work hours or leave the workforce entirely due to the lack of affordable childcare options. In fact, Motherly’s 2024 State of Motherhood Survey reported that two-thirds of moms considered leaving the workforce last year due to the stress and cost of childcare, highest among Gen Z at 82%.

EGBI stepped up to address this issue by launching the Childcare Biz Bootcamp, a comprehensive program tailored to the unique needs of childcare businesses in Austin.

What is the Childcare Biz Bootcamp?

Drawing on two decades of experience assisting thousands of entrepreneurs, EGBI’s Childcare Biz Bootcamp offered training in business management, financial planning, and marketing strategies. The program was structured to help childcare providers optimize their operations, manage their finances effectively, and attract and retain clients through marketing strategies.

EGBI plans to have another Bootcamp later this year. Beyond a full day of learning for childcare providers, the program also includes continuing business coaching to ensure long-term success.

A Community Event to Remember

The launch event, held at Austin PBS (KLRU-TV), 6101 Highland Campus Dr, Building 3000 Austin, TX 78752, was more than just a ribbon-cutting ceremony. It was a celebration of community resilience and a commitment to supporting the workforce behind the workforce, childcare providers. EGBI already has wonderful stories of daycare facilities that are now opening their second and third locations, and this new, improved program will focus on helping more childcare providers increase their profitability and sustainability, ensuring they can continue to offer essential services to families in the community. The program directly addresses the biggest challenges of the current childcare crisis by equipping providers with the tools and resources they need to thrive in today’s challenging environment.

Why This Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical role of childcare providers, who faced widespread closures and reduced capacities. The Childcare Biz Bootcamp aimed to equip providers with the tools they need to navigate these challenges and continue offering essential services to families.

Economic Impact

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, 58% of working parents reported that a lack of childcare has impacted their job performance during the pandemic. By empowering childcare providers, EGBI is not only supporting these essential businesses but also enabling parents to remain in or re-enter the workforce, thus contributing to economic stability and growth.

Provider Voices

“The training and skills EGBI provide to business owners is a game-changer,” said Maria E. Dominguez, M.Ed., from Cielito Lindo Spanish Immersion Preschool in Austin. “While I’ve been attending EGBI workshops for many years, its comprehensive English and Spanish trainings and strategic emphasis on operational efficiency tools has undoubtedly elevated our capacity to deliver exemplary service to the families and children in our care at Cielito Lindo SIP.”

EGBI’s Commitment

“We recognize the vital role that childcare providers play in our community, especially during these challenging times,” said Larissa Davila, Executive Director of EGBI. “Our goal with Childcare Biz Bootcamp is to empower these essential businesses to not only survive but thrive, ensuring they can continue to support families and contribute to the local economy.”

EGBI has always been dedicated to supporting the “real” entrepreneurs—those who aren’t receiving multimillion-dollar venture funds but are crucial to our community’s fabric. By providing sustainable and profitable business practices, EGBI has helped numerous ventures achieve significant milestones.

Austin Childcare Center Statistics

According to Texas Health and Human Services, there are 624 registered childcare centers in Travis County, with a total capacity across all age groups just over 55,000. However, the number of children aged 5 or less in Travis County is over 73,000. The gap highlights the significant demand for childcare services in the area. Additionally, Children at Risk, a research and advocacy organization, reported that Texas lost 21% of its childcare providers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, from March 2020 to September 2021.

On average, families in Travis County spend from $9,417 to $11,705 every year on childcare, which represents a significant percentage of household income, with the median household income in Travis County being $92,731 as of 2022.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Childcare Biz Bootcamp represents a significant step towards addressing the childcare crisis in Austin. By empowering providers with the necessary skills and resources, EGBI is fostering a more resilient and accessible childcare system. This initiative not only benefits the providers but also the families and children who rely on their essential services.

If you are a childcare provider or know a childcare provider, reach out to EGBI to be on the list for the Childcare Biz Bootcamp. Contact 512-928-2594 or

Find the Spanish version here.