McClain Metal Works

Metal works architectural pieces or special art objects created just for you. Owners Jason McClain and Silvia Solorzano first opened McClain Metal Works, LLC in 2014. A hobby that was perfect in their garage has now grown into a full-time business. Jason, aka the “Metal Wizard,” started learning about sheet metal work during his after school job. Jason admits he was never the ideal student, but for some reason when applying geometry to making air ducts and exhausted hoods made math become art. In 2005, Jason moved to Austin to experience the “Keep Austin Weird” phenomenon. He knew that he wanted to be an artist but didn’t know exactly how he was going to make that happen until he met his wife Silvia. Silvia has always wanted to start her own business. Her understanding for business management has helped push Jason to follow his heart and share his creativeness with others. Silvia’s love for Austin and her drive to make her community a better place is shown through the couples work at McClain Metal Works!