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AEBS is a Spanish Immersion International School that works with infants, toddlers, preschool and elementary school up to 1st grade. We strive to provide different learning avenues to all our students.

The name “Eco” in “Austin Eco Bilingual School” is an important reference to our commitment to teach the values of conservation and becoming responsible global citizens. It is also a fundamental philosophy of our International Baccalaureate® affiliation as an accredited school.

We have programs of once, twice and three times a week for children up to age 3 and full-time Monday through Friday for those in the PYP (Primary Years Programme) whom are typically older than 3. We also have an after-school program, a spring break camp and a summer camp.

AEBS is designed to stimulate young people to be intellectually curious and equipped with the tools to investigate the world. Our students dig deeper into their perception of the world, which is the most important part of a child’s learning. AEBS sees our children with unlimited potential who are eager to interact with and contribute to the world in a compassionate way. We strive to motivate children to be driven by curiosity and imagination, encouraging them to delight in taking the responsibility for his or her own learning.