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Earth + Hand ~ Where earth’s beauty comes together with human hands to create balance, energy & promote wellness.
My homemade soap baby is almost ready to share with everyone online! I have been making soap from oils, butter (like cocoa & mango butter), clays, essential oils and all natural ingredients, since 2011 for family and friends. I started as a single mom, when my son was just a baby. I had just over-come being homeless, while 8 months pregnant. I wanted, in fact, I needed, a healthier way to take care of our skin. I couldn’t afford any organic, or “artisan” type beauty products, yet, I needed them for my extra sensitive skin and my new little one. I was breaking out with these little rash bumps all over my skin! I started to research what I was able to afford, and was shocked at the amount of “questionable” ingredients that were in them! I learned that most mainstream “soaps”, are actually classified as detergents by the FDA. Again, SHOCKER! I understand, now, that the majority of mainstream or “big-box” companies, really could care less about anything but profit. I care about people, the Earth, and generational sustainability, to name a few things ). With all of that in mind, I set out to figure out how I could take control of at least one aspect of my holistic desire to live my best “green” life. I have perfected my recipe over years, yet, I still use old-school ways to make an amazing bar of luscious soap. I do not use any animal products, so my soaps are all VEGAN, and made in small batches.
Currently, I am a one woman show, so I really appreciate your patience with the launch of my online soap biz, and understanding of limited edition items. Austin-ites have been loving my soap for years, and now I am excited to share my baby with the world! “LIKE” this page for discounts, and flash sales, as well as info on holistic wellness and sustainable living. Side Note 4 EARTH’s POSITIVITY! I hope that everyone just FEELS good. Rockets of desire!!! My personal desire is that we each feel joy, whatever that means for each one of YOU!
I appreciate each & every one of you and love you oh so very much.
~Bec & Fam