Winning Government Contracts

Have you been in business for 2 years? Are you certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) /Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)? Have you won a contract with a government agency yet? Are you in the construction industry?


Winning Government Contracts helps business owners develop 3-month business goals and then holds weekly meetings for 3 months to solve problems that prevent you from moving forward. The series uniquely focuses on both external barriers and internal barriers to business success.

Plan your work. Take three weeks to explore what it would take for your business to be successful winning government contracts. Do you meet the requirements? Do you have the business systems and experience in place? Do you have the right contacts and networks?

  • Workshop 1: Discover what it takes
  • Workshop 2: Discover what your business needs
  • Workshop 3: Develop your 3-month business goals

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Ubicación: Online

COSTO: Gratis

6PM to 8PM Workshop

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Work your plan. Meet weekly for 3-months with other business owners who have clear 3-month goals for positioning their business to win government contracts. On a weekly basis, participants document their progress, share problems they encounter along the way, and network with key people and their peer group to get help in ways and areas they may never have expected. Additionally, participants are exposed to a variety of skill building sessions like preparing bids, accounting/finance, human resources, marketing and other operational management topics.

Fecha:     Las fechas se enumerarán tan pronto como las tengamos disponibles.   COSTO $200

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6 PM to 8 PM Work-Your-Goals meetings.

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Please contact EGBI with questions at (512) 928-2594.

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