When anyone first meets Kiki Roman, they can’t help but notice her positive energy with a wonderful vibe of love. When Kiki talks about her work she does it passionately and with a lot of care. Kiki has a hair salon that specializes in color named  “Kiki Roman Hair Designer”. She expresses herself through her work by always looking at what people want and how to match her clients’ personality with their skin and energy.  

She got started almost 15 years ago in her business and has lived in Austin for almost 30 years now. Kiki was born in a part of Mexico named Chihuahua and moved to Austin. She got into coloring hair because of her passion for hair as well as colors. Since she was little she always loved hair, yet she never imagined herself being a hairstylist. As a mother of two kids she was kept busy, but when they entered high-school they learned how to drive. This led Kiki to be able to have a lot of free time and that’s when she decided to go to beauty school. Then there was image design that fueled her passion . She is creative with color, but now she is dedicated to giving advice to her clients about what will suit them with their skin color and  what colors suit them best. The socials you can best reach her in is by Facebook, Instagram, or Linked.  On face-book she is known as “Kiki Roman Hair Designer” (https://www.facebook.com/kikiroman/), on Instagram she is known as “@kikiroman”(https://www.instagram.com/kikiroman/), and on linked she is known as “Kiki Márquez Roman” (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kiki-m%C3%A1rquez-roman-667478144/).

Here are some details of my conversation with Kiki-

What persuaded you to start your business?
Well I love hair and to play with it. I like to mix things around but overall I just love hair.

How did you find EGBI? And what do you like about them?
I found them on social media, specifically Facebook. They helped me create my business and they help others start the business they want.

What do you do with your community at your salon?
I love to listen to my clients; because sometimes you don’t know what is going on in their personal life. When I talk to my clients I hope to make their day better. I like to have a conversation so that they can feel welcomed and let me know what they want to do with their hair. I am also a talkative person and I like to be active so it helps me not get stressed. I love to give them what they want and to leave with a happy face.

What do you like to do during your free time?
The thing I love to do during my free time is mostly yoga. I love to read, too.

How has EGBI helped your business?
EGBI has helped me understand how great social networks are. They also taught me that I have to stay in contact with my clients through messages or emails, and reminding them that I am at their service whenever they need me, which is a great way to network.

How have you been involved with EGBI?
I am very happy to belong to this organization as I volunteer where I have an opportunity to help, but I also learn a lot from being surrounded by excellent people and leaders. I am also very happy to be a volunteer to this great organization of leaders who teach and motivate people to own their own business.

What would you say to other business owners needing help for their business?
To any business owners who have questions, I recommend that they approach an EGBI coach. They are all very good people.

If you need help with your business, please connect with EGBI. For more information on our business coaching services, please click on this link https://egbi.org/coach/ . Our team also offers help in Spanish to those who need it.

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