Andres is a Colombian immigrant, he spent the last 18 years in the U.S.. He’s had many jobs such as construction, cleaning, tutoring, etc. His website uses artificial intelligence to make the hiring process more easier and less of a struggle for small business owners, or even the employees/people looking for jobs. With artificial intelligence you don’t have to rely on word of mouth just because you are in need, but you can actually find the right person with the right qualities that you want in an employee. Moil means hard work, they chose the name to represent the hard work in Latinos. The Moil website is used to connect small and medium size businesses with people to hire in real time.

We share the conversation.

Larissa:  Share with us a little bit about what we were talking. I can’t wait to share our conversations and what you are offering as a solution.

Andres: Absolutely, look I mean over the last 18 years like you mentioned right, I’ve had the opportunity not only to be an employee on construction, cleaning, tutoring, corporate sales, you know but I’ve also had the opportunity to be a business owner so I’ve had the opportunity to experience the pain points on both ends and then with the boom of artificial intelligence, you know we thought, hey what can we do to not only streamline the process for both ends, but what can we do to actually improve the process so that businesses can hire quicker so that businesses can actually find talent in real time and then candidates can actually highlight and showcase those skills.

Larissa: What is Moil and what does it offer?

Andres: The word Moil means hard work, we chose this name to represent our hard working latinos.  I’m a Latino immigrant, and we chose the name because it became a mission for Latinos to learn many skills so that they could actually find a job here,  a job there but, never actually having a place where they can actually utilize all of the skills in one single place. We’re a platform where we use artificial intelligence to connect small and medium businesses with people seeking employment, and we do this in real time so we allow businesses to actually match and connect with candidates and even hire them on the spot.

Larissa:  Why did you decide to launch this app?

Andres:  It comes from two things, it comes from not being able to showcase and highlight their skills for skilled labor and not being able to actually monetize all of their skills and number two it comes from my personal experience. On both ends,   I’ve seen it, I’ve seen the issues that we look to fix both from an employee side and an employer side then with the boom of artificial intelligence it allowed us to actually simplify and streamline these processes and it was the perfect time historically. Technology was meant to actually  reach everyone and anyone.

Larissa: Who can benefit from it?

Andres:  Any small medium business or even a large business that is looking to hire will benefit from our solution because we’ve simplified the process. I encourage small medium businesses who don’t use technology today to give our application an opportunity because they will see that not only is it going to save them time it’s going to save them time it’s going to save them money in the short and long term because it will allow them to find the right people at the right time which is very important for all small and medium businesses who struggle many times to hire the right candidate or who struggle to actually say, hey I can’t hire someone full-time, well through our platform you can hire full-time, part-time, contract.

Larissa: How can a small business owner start using it?

Andres:  I’m glad you asked because you know we actually created this with you in mind, we created this company so that we could use that artificial intelligence to get rid of many obstacles, time, educational levels and language barriers, you don’t need to be very good with computers you don’t need to be very good with technology. You can do this from your phone or your computer and it will take just two minutes to post that job. I will show you exactly how to post that job, once you create your Moil account. You go to our website Moilapp you just need to know the basics of your business in order to create your business account. From your dashboard you have the option to post a job, you are going to click on “post a job”, you get to choose between English and Spanish, we are in the process of making the languages broader, then you just fill in the questions with what you’re looking for. By just putting your business name and the job title we’re going to click on “Generate for me”, and our artificial intelligence is gonna do the rest of it for you, the process takes just a few seconds while it loads, and this will actually create the job description for you and it also fills up the rest of the information about the position. You can edit the response, and once you are done you can E-verify or not-verify and then you click “save and continue”.”

Larissa: What would you like people to take away from this conversation?

 Andres: A few things, for business don’t be scared of technology, technology has proven to actually help you grow, make more money and become a  more efficient business. Today we need to use technology to continue to grow, don’t be afraid because it will actually simplify many many processes for you, now for people looking for employment remember that coming to the US or starting a new job does not mean you have to start from scratch no one can take away your experience and abilities no one can take away your skills so please make sure to highlight them while looking for a new job.”

Translated by Berenice Osorio Alvarez.

Find the Spanish version here.