EGBI is an organization that helps small businesses grow. Their mission is to eliminate barriers, and train and coach small business owners. They made it accessible to come in contact with EGBI to expand their business to its fullest potential.

What is 501 C3?

501 C3 means that the business has a non profit status. They are not part of the city, but work closely with the city.

What is EGBI’s mission? 

They train, coach, and support small businesses, and eliminate barriers so that the business owners that EGBI serves can run successful businesses.

What service does EGBI offer?

They offer training, help with planning, and management. Businesses that have been around for three or more years are offered a plan to get their business to the next level.

How long was EGBI around for?

EGBI has been around for 19 years.

Who are EGBI’s ideal clients?

They support many different types of businesses for example, hair salons, food trucks, restaurants, photographers, ect.

What is the process to work with EGBI?

The process to work with EGBI is simple. There are many ways to come in contact with EGBI.

If EGBI doesn’t charge, then how does EGBI make a profit?

EGBI doesn’t want money to be an issue for someone that wants to work with them, so for now they have a contract with the city of Austin to eliminate financial barriers one might have. 

How do I keep in touch with EGBI?

Anyone can sign up to the newsletter, and you can follow them on social media like Instagram, Facebook and youtube.

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