“I am Mexican, originally from Chihuahua Mexico but I grew up in San Luis Potosi. 20 years of marriage and two marvelous sons. My passion is being a mom and my hobby is spending time with my sons. I enjoy good inspiring movies and I like listening to podcasts about how to create successful families. I would have liked being a Psychologist and it’s a dream that I might be able to reach once my kids go to college!”

Tell me, what inspired you to start this business?

“My husband was the one that motivated me to take this step. I didn’t have a job and with what he was making, we could barely afford to pay rent and services. He suggested we start this business as an extra job, he would do the grass while I offered cleaning services.”

Why did you two choose to join EGBI?

“We joined EGBI because even though we already had a business, we wanted to make it grow. EGBI gave us the tools to make our clients grow.”

Did you two struggle with any obstacle? If so, how did you overcome it?

“Of course we did, at the beginning, when we got into construction cleaning my husband left his job to join the company. Without his income our economic situation got complicated. We didn’t have the resources to cover our personal expenses. Our few savings ran out and we lived from personal loans to cover our personal expenses. Little by little when our clients increased we were able to overcome that stage.

How does your business differ from others?

“Client service, we manage the hours in a way that we accomplish with the 99.99% of the cleanings at the required time and if for any reason we do not arrive at a cleaning we offer an extra $0 cost service to compensate for the mistake.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

“I would have liked to have 10 kids, but my husband only wanted 2!!!!”

Are you happy with what you have accomplished?

“Yes, of course, the sacrifices have been worth it, but with no doubt we have plans for a second business!!!!!”

How has EGBI helped you?

“EGBI has given us legal advice and accountability to be able to manage our business. It has given us training and has given us a platform to meet other entrepreneurs and cher each other.”

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Translated by, Berenice Osorio Alvarez.

Find the Spanish version here.