Monica Guzman is an Advertising Graphic Designer with her own studio called (MG Design Studio)

Tell us a bit about yourself…

“After working for almost 7 years for a marketing and advertising agency in my country, Peru, I decided one day to take my luggage and leave to reunite with my loving brother. I got to the United States in the year 2003, directly to Miami, a place where I did not last for more than a week.  I think I didn’t like it much. My destination at that time was Seattle, where I had to start over, but with the help of my brother, thanks to him, I had the luck to work as a designer in a hispanic newspaper and take a part time in another place, doing something very different from my career. The experience in this part time was interesting, but not much of my liking. I didn’t last more than 3 months when I decided to quit, time passed and me and my brother decided to make a newspaper together, the one that turned into a magazine, “El Independiente” (“The Independents”). This job helped us a lot to make ourselves known professionally in that entire area of the Northwest. After a long time in society I decided to become independent and start my own business, like everything, it was a time with ups and downs. In 2019 we fled the cold of Seattle towards the sun and here I am now, always dedicated to my business and my family. I have a second passion which is art. Since I arrived in Texas I was able to develop a little more in that and I had the opportunity to participate in some exhibitions organized by Round Rock Arts. My focus now is to grow my business and continue learning, I believe I still have many goals to achieve.”

What is your favorite part about what you do at work?

“Definitely leaving with a signed contract is my favorite part. After that I really enjoy sitting in my studio, taking a pencil, paper and starting to sketch before using the computer. Each client is a challenge for me. I know that I have to get that initial sketch approved the first time and that pushes me to always show a lot of professionalism in my work.”

 What has been the hardest moment for you in your profession?

“I was lucky to be able to finish my degree in my country and immediately find work in some advertising agencies and at the same time work as a freelancer. I think the most difficult part was when I arrived in the United States, since I had to start over and learn to know  a completely different market than my country, in addition to having to learn another language. I was finally able to achieve that loyalty with some clients during the 16 years I lived in Seattle.”

How has EGBI helped you?

“Since I had the opportunity to attend one of the marketing workshops, I realized that there is still a lot to learn regarding how to run your business. There are countless things to develop for your business to become successful in this market. Currently I follow every step that I have been able to learn in these workshops and it has also helped me a lot that I have been advised by a member of EGBI. The truth is that it is very helpful to be able to follow and complete each task in these workshops.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

‘’Sometimes I feel like an octopus walking in my house, jajaja, especially when there are days when I have to be a mother, daughter, housewife, salesperson, and designer. I don’t know how I do it but I manage to finish my task and I applaud myself silently.’’

If you had the opportunity, would you change anything about what you have achieved?

“No, I wouldn’t change anything because everything has been learning and I like my profession. Also, I think I’m still missing a lot to accomplish.”

If you could do it all over again, would you still join EGBI? Why yes or why not?

“Without a doubt I would. I believe that few organizations do this great work of helping small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs in English and Spanish. It is a great job that each member of EGBI does, they are a great team.”

What do you like about EGBI?

“I like their perseverance and how professional they are. Since I started going to the workshops I see that they do not stop with this work of supporting entrepreneurs and business owners. They continue to teach and guide the people who attend each workshop.”

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Translated by Berenice Osorio Alvarez

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