I’m currently a Mexican living in Austin. I enjoy spending time in nature, trekking, reading, cooking, photography, art, and watching movies. I’m a copywriter specializing in advertising, and recently I have delved into creating clear and helpful text in apps and websites to guide users (UX writing). I have a blog that has pushed me to learn about programming (still a newbie), something I once thought impossible.

Share a fun fact about yourself

Once, I fell asleep at the dentist during a dental cleaning.

 Why did you first get involved with EGBI?

I have always been committed to supporting underserved communities and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit, so EGBI’s mission of providing mentorship to emerging entrepreneurs resonated deeply with me. I wanted to be part of an organization that not only promotes economic growth but also helps people achieve their business dreams.

How has your experience with EGBI helped you grow professionally and personally?

My experience with EGBI has helped me grow personally by allowing me to help the community to which I now belong. It gives me deep satisfaction to be part of a system that empowers others to achieve their goals and see how my contribution can positively impact their lives.

What part of EGBI’s mission resonates most with you?

The part of EGBI’s mission that resonates most with me is its dedication to empowering entrepreneurs who face barriers to growing a successful business. I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, regardless of their background or economic situation. EGBI’s ability to provide the necessary tools and support for these entrepreneurs to succeed is something I truly admire and value.

What was the most rewarding moment you had while volunteering for EGBI?

The most rewarding moment I had while volunteering for EGBI was every time I saw a text I translated on the website and knew that I helped make the communication accessible to more people. Seeing the direct impact of my work on the accessibility and understanding of information is incredibly fulfilling.

Why do you think others should volunteer or support EGBI?

I believe others should volunteer or support EGBI because it is so worthwhile to put our knowledge and skills to the service of others. Seeing how something you do helps the growth or well-being of others is an invaluable experience. Additionally, helping our community contributes to creating a happier and more supportive environment in which we can all live better.

 If you also want to make a difference and volunteer with EGBI,  please contact us through our email, hello@egbi.org

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