Sahith Yamani is an Intern at EGBI in Austin. He has lived his whole life in Austin and is a rising senior. His many career interests so far are finances, data analysis, or business. He likes to spend his free time swimming, gaming, or going out with friends. 

Share a fun fact about yourself

I really enjoy playing games with my friends, it doesn’t matter if it’s a video game or a sport, all things are fun. I also swim for my high school varsity swim team with my friends.

Why did you get involved with EGBI? 

I first got involved with EGBI through the City of Austin’s high school internship program. EGBI’s mission and values perfectly aligned with my own interests.

How does EGBI align with your personal and professional goals?

EGBI aligns with my goals such as wanting to learn through real life experiences and learn more about contributing to community prosperity. Participating in EGBI’s programs allow me to enhance my knowledge and skills in data analysing, business development, and communication skills.

How would you describe your experience with EGBI?

My experience at EGBI is something I call fulfilling. It is so much more different than I would have thought it to be and it’s different in a good way.  From the outset, the onboarding process was seamless, and the team was welcoming and supportive. Participating in EGBI’s workshops on business planning, financial management, and marketing strategies greatly enhanced my entrepreneurial skills. The mentorship program provided invaluable guidance, helping me navigate challenges and boosting my confidence.

How have you grown since the beginning of your internship?

Since the beginning of my internship, I have experienced substantial growth both personally and professionally. I’ve enhanced my technical skills in Salesforce, improved my project management abilities, and become more confident in my decision-making. My adaptability has increased as I’ve navigated various challenges and my problem-solving abilities have been sharpened by tackling complex tasks and projects.

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