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Better Foundation Fitness (BFF)

Derrick Woods coach people to overcome roadblocks and reach their fitness goals by building a better fitness foundation. Here are some highlights that matter most to my clients: Not your typical personal trainer- BFF uses a combination of teaching and various training techniques to educate and encourage clients that are stuck in their fitness journey due to plateau, injury, lack of knowledge, etc. We want to help build a better you by explaining the why behind the workouts. It is a real game changer! Proven results that directly impact success- Most of my clients come to me with issues that they thought they’d have to deal with forever like chronic back or neck pain, an old injury, or even body type problems like losing weight or gaining muscles, and they are astounded when they start showing improvements in theses areas! Results are a total motivating factor for clients to continue working on building better versions of themselves. Holistic approach- Typical gyms sell you on the finished version of some ideal body. This approach does not work for everyone. Most people need very tailored routines to be successful in reaching fitness goals. (That’s why so many stars have their own trainers!) At BFF we listen to our clients needs and create plans that build the foundation for their fitness journey. All my clients have personalized fitness plans that target their needs. 100% private lessons- BFF offers private in home sessions at the location of their choice. Minimal equipment is needed to begin the journey to building a better you.