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Welcome to La Incubadora Podcast! This podcast is a project of the Economic Growth Business Incubator. The reason we decided to launch La Incubadora podcast is that we see success stories every day, we offer practical answers to frequently asked questions, we speak with opinion leaders and experts in their industries all the time and we wanted to create a place so that our clients can listen to all this information in their own time in audio format when they are on the run.

Additionally, all the episodes recorded will be in English and Spanish so that both communities can benefit from it, so if you prefer to listen to the information only in English, just skip the next episode.

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This podcast serves solely for informational purposes and does not constitute legal, tax, or professional advice. We bear no responsibility for any losses, damages, or liabilities resulting from the use of this podcast. It is imperative to seek guidance from a licensed professional for business or financial decisions. The views expressed by speakers in this podcast may not align with those of the Economic Growth Business Incubator. Therefore, we advise listeners to exercise caution and assume personal responsibility while listening.


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