EGBI is proud to participate in the first

Central Texas Learning Festival

La Incubadora – Where businesses come to start and grow!

‘La Incubadora’ is the place where entrepreneurs come to bring their businesses to life and help them grow!


The Central Texas Learning Festival is for learners of all ages and includes a wide range of interactive workshops, engaging exhibits, resource fairs and many other great learning experiences throughout the area. Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI) is proud to participate in the first Learning Festival in Central Texas. 

There is no cost to participate in the workshops or exhibits of the learning fair throughout Central Texas.

Join EGBI for a tour of where aspiring entrepreneurs are guided to turn their ideas into profitable endeavors and existing business owners take their organizations to the next level. Learn about resources offered by our local incubator through stories of business owners that have overcome barriers to starting and growing a successful business. We are excited to present this interactive experience to visitors eager to learn the ins and outs of a business incubator while learning the various stages of the entrepreneur journey.

EGBI will host 2 sessions during the week:

Thursday, March 7th at 2 PM, register HERE.

Thursday, March 7th at 3:30 PM, register HERE. 

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