We used to handle your accounting, but currently, we focus on providing coaching and support to implement an accounting system. This can be done through Excel, although the ideal would be to acquire a more advanced program, such as QuickBooks or Waveapps.

Once the accounting system is chosen, we collaborate with the business owner to perform the setup, link it to their bank, understand what a “chart of accounts” is, learn how to categorize, and reconcile with bank statements. Since the accounting system reflects the same information as the bank, we train the entrepreneur to analyze their financial statements. This enables them to make more informed and accurate decisions based on the financial situation of the company.

We also provide training on using accounting systems to create catalogs of products and services, send quotes, generate invoices, and efficiently manage accounts receivable, all with the aim of optimizing cash flow.

This approach contributes to projecting a more professional image for the company. Once the company has improved its financial controls and can demonstrate profitability, we provide guidance for entrepreneurs to achieve what is known in English as “Bank Ready,” “Bankable Business,” or “Loan Ready.”



Small businesses now have a friendly and affordable accounting service that will teach them how to manage the hard-earned money. At EGBI, we consider business training services in bookkeeping in three categories: setup, training, and fixes.

  • SETUP: Configuration of your accounting categories
  • TRAINING: Learn to use and understand QuickBooks
  • FIXES: Optimization of accounting processes

“Fixes” represents the support we provide to entrepreneurs who already have an accounting system but need to update and optimize it for better control of their finances.


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