Detailed Information
Earth + Hand ~ Where earth’s beauty comes together with human hands to create balance, energy & promote wellness.
I started making soap in 2011, out of a desire to eliminate toxins from our families everyday routine. The more aware I became, the more I felt I wanted to understand what I was using on both my, and my children’s skin. Being able to create the soap, from a liquid oil, through the saponification process, and have it comes as a beautiful soap, was an immediate passion. I started selling my little creative nuggets just a few years ago, and I’m excited to share them with the world.
Currently, I am a one woman show, so I really appreciate your patience with the launch of my online soap biz, and understanding of limited edition items. Austin-ites have been loving my soap for years, and now I am excited to share my baby with the world! I hope that everyone just FEELS good. Rockets of desire!!! My personal desire is that we each feel joy, whatever that means for each one of YOU!
I appreciate each & every one of you and love you oh so very much.
~Bec & Fam