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The word “Nei” in Hawaiian means “here”. So Hawai’i Nei means to bring you here and that is our goal, to bring Hawaii’s cuisine to the mainland. The mixture of Polynesian and asian cuisine has roots dating back to the first plantations workers that came to Hawaii and brought their own traditional styles of food.

My family and I moved to the Austin from Hawaii with a vision of sharing the food that we grew up enjoying. POKÉ is a special style of food that is unadulterated. When Captain Cook first found the Hawaiian islands, what he found was a lean, healthy and happy people who cared (Malama Ka’ Aina) for the beautiful land they lived on.

The core diet of the Hawaiian people was taro, reef fish, fresh fruits and nuts. You will not find GMO’s, preservatives or any other form of unnatural manipulation in our POKÉ. It is meant to be simple, healthy and hopefully put’s a smile on your face while enjoying it.