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In pursuit of educational equity, Open Door Preschools nurtures and inspires young children of diverse abilities, circumstances, and backgrounds in a child-led, play-based environment.

We currently operate two preschools, serving children from 2 months to kindergarten-age, each with about 70 children. Open Door at M Station is in East Austin; Open Door-Central is in Clarksville. Although each site has its own personality, all share a commitment to quality and inclusion and follow the same principles:

  • Children develop at their own pace and learn in different ways. We use the Teaching Strategies Gold to track developmental progress (cognitive, social, emotional, gross motor, fine motor) and recognize the uniqueness of each child.

  • Social and emotional development is the bedrock of all success, in and out of school.

  • Children learn as they play and play as they learn.

  • Positive guidance is the most effective form of discipline.

  • Children learn (and should be taught) social responsibility from a very young age.

  • Worksheets and “one size fits all” activities have no place in our classrooms.

  • Children need to explore their creativity through art, music, dance, and words.

  • Nature is a great teacher.

  • Children are to be respected and listened to.

  • Parents are our partners.

  • We rely on the expertise and resources of the larger community. In turn, we are a community resource.

  • Open Door is about building community.