Support Our First e-Raiser!

EGBI’s first online and social media fundraiser, April 16-May 16, 2013

By Al Lopez, April 17, 2013

 Last October, I wrote about why I support EGBI, hoping to stimulate some additional support for our organization.  Well, needless to say, I was pretty gratified by the results we experienced last fall.

Many of you who have come to know EGBI the last couple of years know that we re-launched the organization in 2011.  After a few years of a great partnership with the Housing Authority of the City of Austin and outstanding collaboration with the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, we embarked on a strategy that would increase awareness of our efforts in order to expand our pool of clients, volunteers, and supporters.

In these two years, we have earnestly driven to expand awareness of our mission and increase the investment in our efforts.  We are thrilled to have attracted new investors who are supporting our work. We are most satisfied with the fact that the largest percentage of our clients comes from referrals from previous clients, and we have many clients who have become investors in EGBI.  Those of you who know our work also know that one of our objectives is to keep the price of our services as low as possible, while we continue to improve the quality and variety of services we provide (some of which are unique, like our ground-breaking Curso Empresarial bilingual training program).

In an effort to continue to broaden our outreach and diversify our supporters—folks who know about and are willing to invest in EGBI—we’re holding our first ever online and social media fundraiser over the next four weeks.  What we would like to do is have as many of our connections (and their connections) commit to a $25 donation to EGBI.  We, of course, have our annual year-end fundraiser – Celebrating Success. Adding an annual eRaiser every spring will allow us to target small donations from our connections, like you, with an appeal to share the opportunity with your respective associates.

So, vote for EGBI with a little bit of your wallet, then share the opportunity with your friends.  We’re hoping the increased awareness will expand our client and investor pool. A $25 donation may seem small, but when you recognize that $25 covers 50% of the cost of up to 12-weeks of training for a client, you see how even that small amount can make a big difference in an entrepreneur’s life.

So, please join in and help spread the word – we’ll announce the results of this effort at our EGBI Reunion on May 16th.


Al Lopez

EGBI Executive Director

Click here to make a donation and please help us spread the word through your social media outlets!