EGBI Client Highlight Home Help Services by Verobran

By Nayeli Gallegos, January 22, 2013

Veronica Trevisan is the Co-Owner of Home Help Services by Verobran along with Branbilia Mendoza. They offer home support services, a combination of residential cleaning and home health care.

Veronica, a native from Argentina and Branbilia (Bran), a native from Mexico, met each other in 2006 while working for a Mexican Taqueria. In 2008, Veronica went to work for a home attendant care agency and recruited Branbilia to the team. They found out that working together was very natural for them. They began planning for their business at the end of 2011. In March 2012, Veronica enrolled in EGBI’s Building Success Program, where she was able to begin writing her business plan and learned the foundations for business management. She graduated in May and they started operations on July 7, 2012.

Veronica Trevisan & Branbilia Mendoza

Right after graduation, she took advantage of the FREE membersthip that the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC) offers to EGBI Graduates, and she has actively used it to expand her circle of influence. Veronica quickly learned the advantages of networking and the continuing education opportunities offered by the GAHCC and EGBI. “I am the one who does the contacts, socialize and receive referrals. Bran is the one who gives us credibility by performing an excellent job” said Veronica.

“I always tell everybody, that even though we have different points of view sometimes, we know who is the best in each area, so, she is the boss when it is time to perform our tasks inside the houses, and she respects my way of managing the company.”

Veronica and Bran were able to start the business with their personal savings, and now are able to operate with the income generated from their sales. They pride themselves in the fact that they manage their personal finances in a very responsible way.

“It is impossible to say how much help we received from EGBI. Being an immigrant entrepreneur requires a lot of courage, starting from the fact that the laws could be totally different from the country you are coming from. EGBI helped us to understand all these special things we need to know and how to operate correctly in the United States,” said Veronica.

“EGBI taught me that it is ok to start small and that everyone makes mistakes in the journey, but that there are people who are willing to help…all I need to do is ask.”

Peggy Montgomery, Chair of Texas CBar; Veronica Trevisan and Lois Mermelstein, Volunteer Attorney at EGBI’s Legal Clinic

 Veronica and Bran continue to attend EGBI workshops and special classes. As an example, they attended the Legal Clinic in December 2012, where they got an opportunity to talk privately with an attorney and get FREE legal advice. They both continue to come back to EGBI anytime they need business advice or a referral, and we enjoy seeing them grow and develop their entrepreneurial skills.