Why I support EGBI

By Al Lopez, October 2012

We have been asking our stakeholders to support the Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI), and we have seen an unprecedented increase of individuals willing to support us – including our clients!  It is very gratifying to get such strong endorsements from people who know us the best.

Personally, I support EGBI.  Of course I do, I’m the Executive Director for Pete’s sake.  But, if you were to question why have I invested my work, and sure perhaps some of my own personal resources in this organization, I would say that over the years, I have become pretty passionate about community and economic development. I decided a couple of years ago that I was going to take my extensive business experience and find a mission that would complement my passions. EGBI has turned out to be that, especially given the importance of small businesses to our economy.

I’ve witnessed the development of our clients as they progress through our program and receive one-on-one consultations. They express their gratitude for a program that opened their eyes to the opportunities and also the challenges of being a business owner. I’ve seen them come with a dream and leave with a foundation for their business plan. I’ve enjoyed seeing them developing their marketing and networking skills by actively taking advantage of their free chamber membership. I am proud of our clients, and we feel their struggles and celebrate their successes. Starting a small business can be a fragile situation, that’s why EGBI staff, along with our volunteers, strive to be a resource that will help them succeed.

In the current economic environment, getting new investors (I much prefer investors to donors) for a non-profit is difficult, but we have seen that organizations and individuals who share the same passion for economic development are willing to support us. We are hoping to continue to increase the number of folks who know about our work and are willing to invest with me in helping EGBI prosper. 

Our Second Annual Celebrating Success event on December 6th is the perfect opportunity to get to know more about what we do and if you like, financially support our organization to allow us to continue to expand our capacity, reach and impact on the community we serve.