The Honors Award portal is Now Open. This is a competitive grant application process, resulting in four grants. Live, Learn, and Lift grants will be $50,000 each, and the STAR grant will be $100,000. The foundation aims to fund small to mid-sized organizations that are creating and implementing innovative, sustainable solutions to serve the greatest needs of communities.   Below are the categories for our Honors awards.  Applications are due by January 1st.  For more information, please visit our Foundation website.

Honor Award Categories:

Live – $50,000 – Access to Nutritious Foods

Learn – $50,000 – Career Readiness Certification Programs

Lift – $50,000 – Supportive Services for women and children

STAR – $100,000 – Support for Veterans and military families

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Barbra Boeta if you have any questions.


Barbra Boeta

Vice President

Community Development

Austin, Texas

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