By Shamitha Ramanan

​​It’s with great pleasure that we announce the recognition of EGBI for a prestigious CAN Butler Award in the Spirit of Collaboration category. EGBI’s nomination for the prestigious CAN Butler Award in the Spirit of Collaboration category is a testament to its exceptional dedication to community advancement in Austin. Through its innovative programs and initiatives, EGBI has fostered a culture of collaboration, bringing together diverse stakeholders to address pressing issues affecting community well-being. By forging partnerships with civic, business, and community groups, EGBI has amplified its positive impact on the community.

The Butler Awards, named in honor of Fred Butler, CAN’s first Executive Director, hold a special place in the hearts of those who champion community advancement. These awards shine a spotlight on individuals and organizations that exemplify the values of collaboration and leadership.

The core of EGBI’s approach is the belief that collaboration is essential for driving meaningful change. By creating a conducive environment for dialogue and cooperation, EGBI has mobilized collective action to address complex challenges effectively. As we celebrate this achievement, let us acknowledge the tireless efforts of EGBI’s team members, partners, and supporters, whose dedication and passion have been instrumental in driving progress.

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