You understand the importance of having your business in Google Maps and submitted all the information, but they are asking you to do a Google Verification video, and you know it is worth it but don’t know how to do it. Follow the steps below and get your business verified right away.

You need to prep with the following:

  • A friend who drives
  • A copy of your business formation document which is either a DBA or an LLC
  • Your photo ID
  • Your business cards or printed signage and your business uniform if you have one.
  • It is recommended to have a printed sign on the inside of a window of your house or one sign like the ones that realtors use in your front yard.
  • If you have car magnets, make sure they are visible in a vehicle parked outside of your house.
  • Also, if you have T-shirts or uniforms, wear them to record the video.
  • Leave the papers ready for your recording on the first table after you open the door to your house.

Then have your friend drive you to the nearest intersection in your house where there is street signage and start recording in the Google verification app and say something along these lines:

“Hello, my name is XXX, and I am the owner of XXX company and here is the nearest intersection to my house. We are now going to drive to my house. We don’t have visible signs because this is a residential area… or because my HOA doesn’t allow signage outside of the house.”

Then have your friend drive you to the front of your house while you continue to record and say:

…”this is my house, and here is the car magnet to my vehicle”


…”this is my house, and here is this the business signage in my front yard.”

If you cannot have signage just mention it in the video. Walk up to your door and open with your key or keypad then walk up to where you have all your documents and show them to the camara an narrate what these are.

…”here is my business formation document where you can clearly see that it was filed with name and address and,
… here’s my driver’s license with my current address
…. And here are my business cards with my name and my address.”

Finish saying:

“This is all I have right now. Please verify my business with Google.”

End the recording and submit it to the Google verification platform. That’s it, it should be very short, they should approve it with it.

Please let us know if you have any questions, thank you!