Liliana Bueno Mendez, who goes by Lily, was born in San Luis Potosi and raised in Austin, Texas. She is the owner of Empoderadas Gym in South Austin, an all-women gym that aims to empower women to achieve their fitness goals and make them feel safe. In addition to spending time with her family, Lily enjoys being outdoors even in the Texas heat, trying different foods, and watching Korean dramas.

Liliana shares her experience as a client with EGBI.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

A fun fact about myself is that I am obsessed with Korean food.

“EGBI supported and guided me through everything since this is my first business.” Liliana Bueno Mendez

Tell us about your business. 

Empoderadas Gym is a safe space for all women of all backgrounds, ages, and skill levels at the gym. At Empoderadas gym women feel safe to wear whatever they want. They feel safe to try a workout and fail at it without being judged. They feel safe to be women at the gym. Not only do they feel safe, but I also feel safe here.

How did you first find out about EGBI?

I found out about EGBI from an ex employer. She has had much help from them with her business. 

How did EGBI help your business? What service did you benefit from?

EGBI helped me so much with organizing and scheduling my marketing posts since I didn’t know when to post and how often before. EGBI helped me find tools that would make it easier for me to just post with one click. 

Why should people consider supporting an organization like EGBI?

As a small business owner who does not have any employees at the moment, I am doing everything myself. EGBI supported and guided me through everything since this is my first business; it is quite scary and EGBI made it easier. They supported me and I will support them and that’s why people should consider supporting an incredible organization like EGBI.

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