By: Neel Kakkad

Meet Ava Dasari, a summer program intern at EGBI. Ava is very passionate about business, especially in the realm of small businesses. Ava was born in Austin, Texas, and has lived there ever since. In her free time, she likes to listen to music, spend time with her friends, and bake for her friends and family.  

Ava shares her experience at EGBI with you.

Share a fun fact with us.

I am really passionate about debate, and I’ve been debating in school for almost 4 years now. Debate allows me to express myself, while also traveling, and bonding with my teammates. 

How did you first get involved with EGBI?

I first got involved with EGBI because I wanted to get hands-on experience with the business world, and learn about consulting. After researching, I came across the city of Austin Internship program, where I was paired with EGBI as my site for this internship. 

Why do you intern for EGBI?

EGBI heavily aligns with my values as an intern. I love helping small businesses kickstart, and I love giving back to my community. I intern for EGBI because it provides me with valuable insight into the business world, while also helping me gain hands-on experience. Through my experiences at EGBI, I know I have expanded my knowledge about small businesses, but also gained skills in marketing, pricing, entrepreneurship, and graphic design. 

How has your involvement with EGBI helped you grow professionally and personally?

Professionally, EGBI has helped me by teaching me important skills about marketing, investment, and small business consulting. I have made connections within the business world, and I know these skills will last me a lifetime. Personally, EGBI has helped me by growing my communication skills. By communicating with different clients, I am able to learn how to understand many different types of people, and provide solutions to their unique problems.  

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