By Bego Calderon

I am from Ecuador and am presently pursuing a career in business administration. However, my actual love is marketing, which I am very passionate about. Originally, I planned to become a Biotechnology engineer, but I am glad that I discovered my true calling in marketing and business. Despite this change, I still have an intense interest for the realm of science.

My dream is to work on effective marketing strategies that are closely related to corporate sustainability. In my spare time, I like to go hiking and weightlifting. I also enjoy experimenting with new recipes that I see on Instagram; the more challenging, the better.

Giuliana shares her experience as an EGBI volunteer.

Share a fun fact with us.

I love creating scrapbooks with doodles and paintings, even though I’m not particularly skilled at drawing or painting. I challenge myself to improve, and occasionally, I plan out how I want it to look and then trace it from my phone. Additionally, I take pleasure in gathering mementos from outings and dates, such as tickets and tiny flowers, and incorporating them into my scrapbook.

“If you can do something for others, life brings that positivity back to you” giuliana karolina Noboa castañeda

-How did you first get involved with EGBI?

I was searching for volunteer programs near me, and EGBI looks like a promising opportunity to assist business owners. I truly appreciate their focus on the Hispanic community and the attention they give to language. This was especially meaningful to me, as I am aware of the challenges that new business owners face when they don’t speak English fluently or feel more comfortable with Spanish. Translating is a perfect way for me to contribute and provide help.

-Why do you volunteer for EGBI?

That question takes my mind back to that phrase that goes: “Nadie puede hacerlo todo, pero todos podemos hacer algo.” (Meaning: “Although no one can accomplish everything, each of us can contribute in our own way.”)

Being part of the solution and offering relief to others are fundamental aspects of community involvement. I believe EGBI offers a volunteering opportunity that helps maintain the connection between fellowship and knowledge management, as it enables people to learn from others and share their own experiences.

-How has your involvement with EGBI helped you grow professionally and personally?

Engaging in translations keeps me attuned to the demands of business owners, utilizing language that can influence rephrasing while retaining the essence to create the impactful meaning present in all the blogs. This has been a valuable learning experience. On the other hand, I have also been involved in marketing efforts recently. Observing the sharing of resources and knowledge, and exploring ways to contribute with creativity and innovation, has been a significant enrichment for me.

– What was the most rewarding experience you had while volunteering for EGBI?

Translating the interns’ blogs allows me to witness the enthusiasm and eagerness of fresh minds to contribute. The proactive approach evident in every word is truly invigorating.

– Why do you think others should volunteer or support EGBI?

If you can do something for others, life brings that positivity back to you. At EGBI, you have a wonderful reciprocal opportunity, surrounded by the perfect environment, tools, and people who are equally willing to support you.

EGBI provides training, coaching, and support to aspiring and existing business owners who face barriers to growing a successful business. If you would like to support our efforts, please visit our website