By : Ava Dasari

Meet Neel Kakkad, an intern at EGBI . He’s going into his senior year in Austin, Texas. Neel was born in Boston, and moved to Austin before middle school. In his free time, he likes to watch TV, meet his friends, and go to the gym.

Neel shares his experiences at EGBI.

Share a fun fact with us.

I really enjoy playing sports, and I especially love soccer. I have been playing soccer for 13 years now and currently play for my high school’s team.

How did you first get involved with EGBI?

I first got involved with EGBI through the City of Austin’s high school internship program. EGBI’s practices and values intersected with my own and I am glad that I got placed as an intern here.

Why do you intern for EGBI?

Participating in the internship program at EGBI presents a valuable chance for me to acquire practical knowledge, enhance my professional skills, and gain real-world experience that will have a significant positive impact on my future. I have thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the diverse range of services EGBI offers to business owners, and this internship provides me with an exciting opportunity to further explore and develop my interests in this field. Through my experiences at EGBI, I not only expand my knowledge but also gain valuable insights about myself and cultivate my long-term goals.

How has your involvement with EGBI helped you grow professionally and personally?

EGBI has provided me with the opportunity to pursue my passion for business, develop skills, and also make a meaningful impact on small businesses. I have not only gained knowledge, but my involvement with EGBI has allowed me to interact with many clients and new people, developing my interpersonal skills as well.

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