By Olivia Yang

Hi! My name is Ricardo Leon. I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. I have an Associate in Computer’s Science. I joined a tech company back in 2005 in Guadalajara, Mexico and then they invited me to move to the U.S. with a work visa that later on they upgraded to a Green Card.

I understood that I couldn’t build a life around a single income so I decided to open a few lines of businesses with my wife, and this has been an amazing life changing decision for me and my family. The benefits and knowledge that the small business world brings is UNBELIEVABLE GOOD! EGBI has helped us make amazing things possible by giving us entrepreneurs tools to go get things done! I’m very thankful for that!

Ricardo shares his experience as a volunteer and client below.

To get started, would you mind telling us a fun fact about yourself?

My soul gets full when I see people making the decision and taking action to improve their lives, like opening a business, learning more about personal finances and topics related to businesses, and having the courage and discipline to set goals and go after them. That makes me really happy!

 What is unique about your business?

I work best with business owners that are willing to do more and learn more about the business world. I bring a different perspective and new ideas to the table when they decide to do business with me. I also like giving them as much value as possible beyond any contract, like offering their products or services to people in the community that are looking for them. 

What is the biggest obstacle you encountered in starting or growing your business? How did EGBI help you overcome this?

At first it was my very own limiting mindset, like doing paperwork to form an LLC, talking to the State Comptroller to make sure all transactions would be done correctly in order to collect and pay State sales tax, then getting permits for a food business that I used to run, etc. All of that was overwhelming to me! But then I was invited to participate in the workshops that EGBI provided and that gave me a lot of clarity in terms of how to manage my business and how to make it grow by following a plan. EGBI gave me all these tools and knowledge that I’m using now to get consistent income in my digital marketing solutions business.

EGBI walks you through the entire process of making a small business successful. Isn’t that what you’re looking for?Ricardo Leon

Ricardo, you have volunteered as an instructor and also on the EGBI Marketing Committee. Why do you volunteer with EGBI, and what has your experience been like?

I’m very grateful to EGBI and their goal to make more and more businesses successful. That’s why I volunteer every time I’m invited to. I have nothing but good things to say about this organization and its commitment: to help as many business owners as possible to establish and make small businesses grow. The coaches and managers at EGBI are amazing people that always make sure that all volunteers (like me) feel welcomed and confident to help them in their mission.

What advice do you have for someone thinking of volunteering with EGBI?

Please do it! Everyone’s experience in running and managing a small business is unique and everyone can provide a different perspective on how to get around obstacles, as well as tips and tricks to be successful in this small business world. We all will appreciate your input!


In 2020, EGBI volunteers put in more than 130 hours to help EGBI support and serve over 400 small businesses. Volunteers like Ricardo make this possible and continue to help EGBI pursue their mission of training, coaching, and supporting aspiring and existing business owners who face barriers to growing a successful business.

Want to get involved too? Contact us to find out how you can volunteer or donate.