By Alison Flangel

I am, Margrita Foss, an expert in the management and control of personal emotions and the building and maintaining of positive self-esteem. I am born Colombian, living in Austin, Texas, a happy wife and mother of two incredible children, Jaime and Daniela. I have now dedicated my life to guiding Hispanic women who may have already achieved success, started a family, and feel that they “have it all”, but inside, their thoughts do not allow them to be happy, feeling unable to overcome an unpleasant past. I help Latinas who have done so much for others that they have forgotten themselves; reaching a point in their lives where they say: “Now it’s my turn!”. Step by step, I help them become mentally strong women in control of their emotions; obtaining a more productive, fulfilling and happy life.

From the point in my earlier life when I personally suffered emotional abuse, I have worked diligently to rise above the pain and sadness. Learning English provided me with the ability to learn from many of the experts in the areas of mental self-improvement, emotional healing, and spiritual development. I studied, listened to podcasts, attended seminars and workshops, obtained certifications and accreditations and custom built a profession that takes all that I have learned and adapted and tailored it for the Hispanic women community. Recently I have created The Empowered Latina Academy (ELA), an online program that teaches that living without emotional burden can make you a happier and inspired woman, living a more productive and abundant life.

Margarita Foss shares her experience as an EGBI client.

Do you mind telling us a fun fact about yourself?
Since even before becoming a Dentist more than 25 years ago in Colombia, I have hated to give presentations. I hated to speak in public. I disliked getting in front of my classmates. I would get extremely nervous and it would make me sick to my stomach. But somehow I always seemed to do a pretty good job of it. In fact, I was invited several times to teach oral health on local radio stations in my home city and also in small rural villages in Colombia. As time went by, I moved to the States 17 years ago, I went to Dental Hygienist School and again I found myself giving presentations to my classmates in the school. After graduating, every single job I have had in Dental Offices has required me to inform and educate people, individually and in groups on oral health and hygiene. I present to my patients, in schools, nursing homes and more. The last several years in my dental career I ended up teaching Oral Hygiene in the orientation for new employees for an institution with patients with special needs. But still, public speaking and now in English, was something that I didn’t enjoy at all. However, one day I noticed that people were staying after classes to ask questions, and THAT was the moment I realized that teaching was something that I’m pretty good at, and I started falling in love with public speaking.

How did you first get involved with EGBI?
A couple years ago I was searching for an organization that could help me learn how to start my new business, Life Coaching for Latinas. I found EGBI and had the opportunity to take one of the workshops offered at that time. Later, as a coordinator of Miercoles Professional Amhiga Hispana (Nonprofit Organization), I had the opportunity to connect with Monica Peña and she told me more about the organization. I feel that we, as women-owned small businesses, are so blessed to have the opportunity to work with EGBI and learn the skills that are necessary to succeed.

Why is it important to support organizations such as EGBI?
As a Latina entrepreneur I know first hand the struggles involved in setting up a business and honestly, unless you have the guidance of experts like the ones I found at EGBI, it can take you years to succeed. So, why try to build something from scratch in an area where you have no clue, no experience, and waste the time, money and effort when you can count on expert assistance like EGBI. As the African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Saying this, the support of organizations like EGBI is so important for business owners who are struggling to build a successful business. Together we will go far together!

How has your involvement with EGBI helped you grow professionally and personally?
Day one, EGBI started helping me to become more organized, to use my time more productively, and most importantly to build my own power of staying focused on the important parts of building the business. They provided me with the organizational “tools” indispensable for any business.
Working with EGBI I have had the opportunity to meet incredible people that bring to my life the experience and knowledge of building a small business, something I value immensely.

There is no doubt that my business is moving to the next level much faster than if I wouldn’t have had the support of EGBI.

In 2021, EGBI volunteers put in more than 130 hours to help EGBI support and serve over 400 small businesses. Volunteers help EGBI pursue their mission of training, coaching, and supporting aspiring and existing business owners who face barriers to growing a successful business.

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