By Anne Lagrange

Meet Raul Rodriguez,  founder of Raul’s Taqueria Al Pastor, a Tex-mex food truck in North Austin. Raul got started cooking helping his mom in the kitchen at her Mexican restaurant. After perfecting the craft, Raul realized how much people enjoyed his food and decided to start his own business. Ten years ago, Raul’s Taqueira was born, specializing in traditional Mexican tacos. Since then they’ve grown to over 3 employees and begun offering their coveted tacos Al Pastor. Today, you can find Raul’s tacos at his food truck on Rundberg Lane and online via Grubhub.

Raul shares his experience as a business owner and how EGBI can help you grow your business too. 

Hi Raul! To get started, would you mind telling us what inspired you to start your business? 

Making the jump from my Mom’s kitchen to starting my own business was inspired by support from my children. My son encouraged me to be entrepreneurial and made me realize I could make money and provide for my family. 

What makes your business unique? 

Our business takes original Mexican cuisine and combines it with our own personal style. We offer a wide variety of tacos and tortas, serving everything from breakfast tacos to tortas Cubanas. 

What are some obstacles you feel like you have encountered in starting or growing your business?  How did you overcome this?  

I think just starting the business was the hardest part. In the beginning it took a lot of hard work. It was difficult securing the truck/space, hiring employees, and gaining customers. My whole family helped out, which made the process manageable.  

What workshops/business coaching have you done through EGBI? 

I took the Build Your Business Plan course and learned to make financial projections and a marketing plan. I really enjoyed meeting other business owners and working with the coaches. 

How has EGBI helped you? 

EGBI taught me the mechanics of starting a business. They also helped me create a growth plan and set smart goals.

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