By Diana Garcia

Meet Elisa Avalos, an amazing EGBI supporter. Elisa was born in Mexico City and moved to Texas fifteen years ago, thrilled to call Austin home. She began her career as a Real Estate Agent with more than 15 years of experience in mortgage and customer services. In addition, Elisa has a degree in business administration and a master’s degree in marketing. Elisa’s success as an agent is founded in her kindness and patience, quickly cultivating loyal connections in her community as a realtor. She is an agent you can trust to act as your experienced guide and advisor in the home buying and selling process.

Her innate desire, as a parent, to lead with encouragement and insight extends outside of the home and to her clients, where she works to find the perfect fit for individuals in every stage of life.

In addition to real estate, Elisa is the community contact director of Amhiga Hispana, a nonprofit that empowers Spanish-speaking women.

Elisa talks about her experience in supporting EGBI and how you can too.

Hi Elisa! To get started would you mind telling us a fun fact about yourself?

At home, everything comes in two’s: two kids, two dogs, and two cats.

What does giving back to the community mean to you?

As a part of my daily work, helping my community with Amhiga Hispana and EGBI has been amazing. Helping women grow their business helps me grow personally and professionally.

“Donating to EGBI helps them help small business owners thrive and contribute to the local community.” – Elisa Avalos

How did you first hear about EGBI, and why did you decide to support EGBI?

I heard about EGBI when I started as a volunteer with Amhiga Hispana. I have worked very closely with EGBI to provide courses for women entrepreneurs and have organized EGBI’s Miercoles Professionals events. 

What do you wish everyone knew about EGBI?

EGBI provides the best training and support for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. The resources, office space, and knowledge provided by EGBI helps a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners reach the next step in their business journey.

What would you say to someone thinking of supporting and donating to EGBI?

Supporting EGBI will help our local entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their goals.


Donate today to help EGBI train, coach, and support aspiring and existing business owners who face barriers to growing a successful business.